Bi Colour Angel


A stunning species also known as the Two Colour Angel.

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Name: Centropyge bicolor

Difficulty: Moderate

Max Size: 14cm

Origin: Coral Sea, Fiji, Great Barrier Reef

pH: 8.1-8.5

Temperature: 21-26°C

Minimum Tank Size: 120 litres


The Bicolor Angel a.k.a Oriole Angel or Two Colour Angel, is a beautiful dwarf angel that is colored in contrasts of bright yellow and deep blue. The forebody is yellow with a blue saddle across its nape and the rearbody is blue with a bright yellow tailfin. Bicolor fish are collected at shallow, coral rich reefs. They do very well in aquariums and prefer lots of rockwork to feel comfortable. The Bi Colour Angel has no distinguishable differences in color between male to female.

The Bi Colour Angel should be kept in a tank of 120 litres or larger with plenty of places to hide and swim. They will spend most of their day grazing algae that grows on live rock.

The diet of Angelfish should consist of spirulina, such as Sera Flora or Frozen Hikari Spirulina Brineshrimp as well as a variety of meaty protein rich foods such as Frozen Hikari Mysis Shrimp and Krill as well as dry foods such as Hikari Marine S or Marine A.