Red Snakeskin Discus 5cm


A red discus with the popular snakeskin pattern over its entire body

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Name: Symphysodon spp

Difficulty: Difficult

Max Size: 25cm

Origin: Amazon Basin

pH: 6.0-6.6

Temperature: 26-28°C

Minimum Tank Size: 100 L


Discus are considered the kings of the aquarium. They are large tropical fish that display brilliant patterning and colouration. Discus require a large aquarium for a school of 3 or more kept at around 27°C, with a pH of 6.0-6.6 and KH of 3. However, will not handle a dramatic change to their environment. Discus will prey on small tropical fish such as neon tetras.

Fish that coexist with Discus in the aquarium include corys, larger species of tetra, bristlenose catfish, rasboras and other community fish that thrive in a tropical environment. Discus are carnivores and are known to be finicky eaters. Foods such as Sera Discus Granules and pellets such as Hikari Discus Bio Gold should be fed.  It is also important to supplement their diet with Hikari Blood Worms or Frozen Beefheart.