Shortfin Elephant Ear Betta Male


The Halfmoon Betta Siamese fighting fish is a fairly new species of Betta that has come about through selective breeding. The Key characteristic of the Halfmoon Betta is its tail. The tail, when held erect, should form a half-moon shape of no less than 180 degrees.



Name: Betta splendens

Difficulty: Very Easy

Max Size: 6cm

Origin: South East Asia

pH: 6.5-7.2

Temperature: 19-28°C

Minimum Tank Size: 1 L


Siamese Fighting Fish are a family of fish native to Asia, in particular Thailand, Malaysia, Vietnam and Cambodia. Fighting Fish are bred for their colour and tail types, from the regular veiltail to rare an exotic types like Half Moon Butterflys and Super Deltas. However as the name suggests fighting fish should be kept alone in a small aquarium of at least 1 litre. Fighting Fish make a great beginner fish, especially for children.

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