Broad Amazon Sword Small


A broader leaf version of the True Amazon Sword

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Please note: Live Plants cannot be shipped to Western Australia or Tasmania, due to quarantine restrictions


Keeping aquarium plants is not hard as  long as you choose suitable plants to keep. All aquarium plants need light,  carbon dioxide and nutrients to live. If you have an aquarium with normal  incandescent lighting or subdued fluorescent lights, stick to plants that have  low light requirements, such as Java Fern, Anubias, Java Moss and Val. If you do not want to use carbon  dioxide boosters, stick to plant species that will be satisfied with the amount  of carbon dioxide that is produced by your fish.


Different plants can be planted in  different ways. Some plants should be planted in the substrate or in a pot.  Other plants should be anchored to driftwood, rocks or similar. A third group  of plants are the floating plants. Many plants can grow in several different  fashions, and can for instance either be attached to a rock or left floating in  the aquarium.