Molly Dalmation 5cm


The Molly is a peaceful and attractive aquarium fish, that can be kept easily in a home aquarium.



Name: Poecilia sp.

Difficulty: Easy

Max Size: 10cm

Origin: South East Asia

pH: 6.9-7.6

Temperature: 23-27°C

Minimum Tank Size: 30 litres


Livebearers (Guppies, Mollys, Platies and Swordtails) are some of the most well-known aquarium fishes and easy to keep and prolific breeder (for optimal health and breeding success, they demand fresh vegetable food like Sera Flora).

Livebearers can tolerate temperatures between 17 and 29 degrees however they do much better at 23-27 degress. They do best if kept in tanks with plants (preferably live, but fake will do) to give them hiding places and (although unlike guppies they tend not to eat their own young) give the fry a better chance at survival.

Livebearers are not fussy eaters generally, they will thrive on Hikari Micro Wafers, Sera Flora as well as an occasional treat of frozen or live foods.